Exercise: Quick Office Poems

One of the ways I get through the work week is to recognize the distinct, often beautiful, just as often horrible happenings in the midst of the mundanity. We forget most of what happens in our daily lives: the memories we make are usually of the big, wonderful or terrible milestones, not the simple pleasure of a free doughnut in the breakroom or the frustration of deleting a document by mistake. I take a couple of minutes to jot these thoughts down, then when I go back and read them, it’s easy to recreate the little moments, feelings that would otherwise be lost with all the other “unimportant” details of the average day.

Here’s a random selection:


Isn’t it true these days that

One of the problems of living in modern times, with keyboards, computers and

Mouses all designed to ergonomically fit our every need,

Sometimes we can type faster than we can think?

I almost feel like it’s a shame that I’m almost always composing when I’m typing, rather than

Just putting down thoughts that I have already had.

The other part of the time, you’re thinking so much faster than you can type that you keep

Making error after error, after error, and damn, it’s hard to type all those R’s at once, and

It just breaks your train of thought to have to keep going back:

Delete, delete, delete.

And then that Outlook window pops up at the bottom of the screen, and I’m done.


Two Liner

Walked by a big, red fire hydrant today on the way to the FedEx box

And thought, “Well now, ain’t that just the way it’s supposed to be?”


Untitled 2

Feels like Friday,

But It’s Not.



Haiku to a Pen

It’s the perfect pen.

Rolls out thick blue curls of ink,

That seep through the page.



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