Quick Recipe: Brownie in a Mug

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a busy past few weeks. Traffic has been heavy and I’ve been getting home around 5:45 on the average night, meaning that our dinners have been quick and simple to prepare lately. As a result, I have fewer go-to ingredients, like milk and eggs, just laying around to play with on the weekends. I spent yesterday making delicious gazpacho, 5 minute Artisan Bread and savory French Tarragon Vinaigrette. This morning I woke up and thought, “man, it would be nice to make pancakes or waffles or something sweet for breakfast,” but with coffee already brewing, we didn’t really have the time or motivation to go to the grocery store. Enter this Stumble-Upon recipe: Brownie in a Mug. Check out the original post:


I was a little skeptical, but the desire for delicious chocolately goodness was stronger than my cynicism.
Here’s how it goes:
First, gather your ingredients:

1/4 cup flour (I used cake flour, but it probably doesn’t matter)

1/4 cup sugar (brown would be okay, too)

a pinch of salt

2 tbs. cocoa powder

2 tbs. oil (the original recipe called for olive, but ew! why? I think vegetable or canola is better)

3 tbs. water

1. Combine the dry ingredients in a mug. One with more top surface area is good.

Add the wet ingredients and stir it all up:

It might be a little lumpy. Don’t worry about that; you’re making a brownie in a mug, probably in your pajamas, not tea for Queen Elizabeth. Just roll with it. Pop that sucker in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (depending on how gooey you like your brownie).

Give your brownie a few minutes to cool. Or, if you’re having the same kind of morning I was, chomp down immediately and just deal with the burnt tongue. Next time, I think I’ll add a little vanilla or almond extract to the mix for a more complex flavor (yes, that sounds silly in a recipe for mug brownie. But no need to compromise your discerning tastes). This makes a lot of brownie. You could easily make a half recipe (remember to reduce cooking time if you do) or split it with someone else. My husband was happy to polish off what was left over of mine. It paired perfectly with our morning coffee.

Double muggin’ it.

I guess the moral of this post is, even if “cooking” means microwaving stuff in a cup, hey, if that’s where you are, take pride in it.



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3 responses to “Quick Recipe: Brownie in a Mug

  1. Kiara

    What happened with mine? I put it in the microwave, after making it correctly, and it overflowed without making any form of brownie! What did I do wrong?

    • The only thing I can think is that your microwave power might be set really high. I have made it a couple of times and it’s never overflowed, but I’ll look over the recipe again to see if I can figure that out.

  2. Hayley

    i just made this for my boyfriend and he really liked it i added a little bit of vanilla about half a teaspoon? and we liked it needs a bit more sugar though! otherwise really good!!

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